Problems with Online Gambling by 3D Canyon: Online Gambling Addiction

The word “addiction” comes from the Latin term meaning “bound to” or “enslaved by.” And anyone who has suffered / suffers from addiction — or tried to support someone with addiction — can testify to the strong, sustained grasp it exerts; the mental, professional and other harm it causes; and the difficulties it faces.

This is particularly true of online gambling, which is diagnosed according to the same criteria as “traditional” in-person gambling. Features such as 24/7 availability, however, make it potentially more addictive and difficult to recover from gambling at a casino or other physical venue. The Internet has also made gambling available to minors who would usually be marked as underage at a physical betting facility. As a result, a new generation of problem gamblers has emerged: teenagers and young adults, particularly young men.


How online gambling contributes to addiction


There are characteristics of internet gambling that make it potentially more risky than betting on a physical location:

Online gaming sites can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere on the Internet. More effort is required to get to the casino and other “brick and mortar” venues, and some of them don’t run around the clock.
If a problem gambler spends several days in a row at a casino or a racetrack, his or her absence is likely to be noted. Online players will play at work, at home, or anywhere on the Internet at any time of the day without being missed or exposing what they’re doing.

Online gambling at home has more flexibility, privacy, and comfort than casino gambling. In private, it’s easy for players to place bets after the heavy use of drugs or alcohol, which can increase the amount of time spent on gambling and money wagered.
It’s easy for people to access their bank account online, although more effort is required at a physical location, such as withdrawing money from a bank machine. This raises the probability of pulse betting and chasing losses.
It’s easy to forget on the internet that electronic money is still real money. Gamblers may be able to use a credit card to deposit money that they can not actually repay to an online account that they can access when other options dry up.



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